Charlie Cerpa


Photographer:  Charli Bridgewater | Benton Park 150th Birthday Party, 2016

Photographer:  Charli Bridgewater | Benton Park 150th Birthday Party, 2016

Charlie Cerpa (St. Louis) is a saxophonist and producer who began his studies in music at the age of nine. His love for music and skill as a saxophonist were cultivated in his active roles in marching band, drumline, jazz band, and concert band at Oakville High School and his continued education at Webster University under the direction of Willie Akins and Paul DeMarinis.

A standout player from the start, Cerpa’s funky style and dynamic range is a product of his love of St. Louis music history and culture. Blues, jazz, gospel, and soul are the foundation of his soulful saxophone sound. His unique fusion of traditional styles with modern hip-hop and electronic vibes are articulated through his new endeavors.

Cerpa’s diverse artistic identity is demonstrated through a wide spectrum of bands and musical projects. He is a core member of the People’s Key, Blank Generation, Fresh Heir, The Richie Kihlken Band, Kevin Bilchik Band, Transmatter Express, Southern Exposure, Sean Cannon and The Voodoo Players and Street Fighting Band. From Folk to Hip-Hop, Cerpa has been featured with Chance The Rapper, El Monstero, Probcause, The Funky Butt Brass Band and Mama’s Pride.  Cerpa has had the honor of opening for many national touring artists such as the Jeff Coffin Mu’tet, Cory Henry, Ghost-Note, Tom Morello, Chali 2na, The Nth Power and Fareed Haque.